lavandini - skinne

The idea of Corrado Izzo arises from a professional training in the field of architecture and thanks to a decade of experience in the processing of materials for flooring and coatings. Corrado has developed and patented the formulation of the “Skin … ne” coating made with natural materials that are free of mutagenic, teratogenic, toxic or carcinogenic agents and are not synthesized, whose processing does not produce pollution, respecting the environment and human health.

A material that can have a myriad of different applications both on horizontal and vertical surfaces (from shelves, to tables, from bathroom tops to coverings of the entire house) available in various completely natural colours predefined but also customizable according to needs.

Corrado deals directly with the production of coatings; he himself weighs the colouring made with natural oxides to create unique finishes using a delicate and meticulous manual procedure that requires experience, dexterity and commitment.

His particular sensibility for new trends in design and his refined aesthetic taste for the “beautiful craftsmanship” makes Skin…ne a fashionable trend-setting product able to customize your home’s decor with style and uniqueness.