Complete service,perfect result

From creation to installation, we personally follow all stages of processing to make sure that the whole process is done in the best way.


we deal directly with the design of the project, from the measurement taking, advising you on the best solutions for your spaces.


craftsmanship at all stages of production. The manual processing and the natural irregularities of each finishing make each coating unique and unrepeatable.e.


with regard to the packing, shipping and delivery of the project you will not have to worry about anything. Our professionals will personally take care of home delivery.


the coating can be laid in two ways:

Classic laying, ideal for traditional walls, takes place faster with the glued panel. With panels up to 300×150.

floating or supported laying, , is done by applying “Muralotti” attached to the wall which creates a gap at the back in order to reduce contact with the damaged or damp wall. Ideal for inconsistent walls and to avoid demolition.

Tiles or slabs of 30X60, 60X120, 120X120


we intervene in case of scratches and problems that may arise on the surface of the coating after installation.


our product, thanks to the high quality of each element that composes it, is guaranteed for life.