The main characteristics

Natural coating

A mix of wax, oxides, sand, cement that respects the environment and human health. It is not toxic, teratogenic, does not contain solvents, mutogens or carcinogens and its processing is not polluting.

Wide range of colours and finishes

From 6 natural pigments, the architect Izzo has studied and developed a palette of 15 basic colours that can be further customized according to every need.

300X150 floors

The product can cover multilayer boards up to 3 meters high and up to 1.5 meters wide. Due to the size of the tiles the joints in sight are considerably reduced.

Waterproof and water-repellent

For specific needs of any environment or surface it is possible to waterproof the coatings in a natural way, making them impermeable to the filtration of liquids and substances.

Ad hoc colours

For special requests and projects it is possible to create unique and personalized craft recipes with a unique taste.

Minimum exposed joints

The "rectified" cut of the tiles that cover the vertical and horizontal planes minimizes the view of the joints that are usually created between the blocks.

Unique as a fingerprint

The working process spontaneously generates signs, inlays and smears of colour that make each piece unique.

Ideal for vertical and horizontal surfaces

Coatings can be arranged or applied horizontally or vertically simply and quickly.

Savings on demolition

Thanks to the possibility of subsequent application of the coating on existing surfaces, the savings in terms of economy and time on renovations is remarkable.

3 finishings, 3 decorations

3 finishings available: solid wax, which makes the top non-porous, with a satin look;
natural oil that gives an opaque appearance and the water-repellent monocomponent, water-based, non-film-forming, ideal on kitchen and bathroom tops.

In addition, each surface can take on a soul of its own thanks to the three different possible decorations

3 basic supports

The high quality of the wood is divided in three

Three types of wood-based support on which to apply the Skinne coating

is particularly suitable for the realisation of all surfaces such as doors, tables, shelves and frames that are not found in damp environments.

it is very resistant to water as it does not swell, does not come off, dilates or rots.

a mass wood support, ideal for bio-architecture that does not require any glue (only 30×6 or 50×7 wooden bars).

The palette

Colour your idea with nature

Our colours derive from the mix of natural oxides and cement. The base and the pigments are both totally natural. In addition, you can request additional customized colours to make your project unique and unique